Photo credit of these images: Lottie Lillian Photography



Dana has spent the last decade fine tuning her skill set in a variety of ways in the fashion industry. From makeup artistry to commercial wardrobe styling, she has always found herself most drawn towards photography and editing. Dana is aware that she has a unique eye and worldview, and this is the perspective that she brings to her work.  She has a genuine ability to put others at ease, allowing the true nature of each photo and session to shine through. Did we mention she's a mother of twins? This girl knows how to multitask and remain cool under pressure. 

A note from dana:

I live and work in a space of continual growth and change. If I ever were to feel that my photography, or life, has come to a place where I cannot learn further, then I will know that I have failed. That is not an option or desire for my life or work. 

I surround myself with others who inspire me creatively, and those who challenge me.

When I photograph, I believe I see something in my subjects that they are unaware of. These are the images that I value most. 

Thanks so much for reading this. I hope to work with you soon!

Best always,


Some random bits and pieces you may or may not want to know:

*My ideal dinner guests would be:  Dolly Parton, Steve Buscemi, and Jim Henson (may he r.i.p.).

*I might have a weird crush on Steve Buscemi...

*i wish I read more. Unfortunately, I'd probably read more US Weekly if given the chance.

*I overuse exclamation points! i'm not yelling at you- I'm just real excited!!!

*I have twins. Henry Roscoe and Harlow Wilde. They're pretty much everything that is amazing and crazy. (mic drop)!