Newborn Lifestyle Session: What it is, and Why it's so Amazing!

We've all seen the adorable swoon-worthy pics of newborns in knit pilot hats, or posed like a little froggy in a basket. These images are FOR REAL ADORBS. But it's not everyone's cup of tea! So if you're looking for something else, a lifestyle session may be your answer! 

Newborn lifestyle family sessions happen in the comfort of your own home. Not in a studio. Having a new baby can make the task of packing for a photo shoot and traveling to a photography studio quite daunting. So I come to you! You have everything you need, because you are home. You're more comfortable, and baby is too.

It's also so much more than convenience to do your session in your own home. Wether this is your first child, or your third, it is an extremely special moment in your life, home, and family! This session is about telling your story, capturing the genuine love that makes your house a home. You may have thoughtfully designed baby's nursery, or enjoy piling the family and pets into your bed for snuggle time. Whatever it is that you do, it's important to me to capture these fleeting moments in these images. As we all have experienced, time moves quickly, and they truly don't stay little for long.

Another difference between lifestyle and studio sessions, is that traditional newborn sessions will have you book your session typically within 10 days of baby being born. This is because it's considered the "sleepy" time of a newborn. Making propping baby into those cute positions easier. But for lifestyle sessions, you can do this anytime within the first few months. Of course they will grow quite a bit as time moves on, so if you want to capture the tiny-ness, we can still book right away, but it's not necessary. Some families want a little time to get home from the hospital and find their new rhythm with baby. It's a huge transition! So I'm here whenever it feels right for your family.

Newborn lifestyle sessions are for the family that wants to capture their love for one another and their new family, instead of just focusing on baby. We will of course still get some great solo shots of babe too, cause all the squishy cuteness really can't be beat! But I want to tell the latest chapter of your love story! 

Reach out with any questions or to book your session! In the meantime, check out the latest newborn session in the gallery below of baby June. This family will just melt your heart as it did mine.