Why Do An Engagement Session?

On the fence about doing an engagement session? Here’s some reasons why you absoLUTEly should!

So you chose your photographer, probably for a few important reasons like: you like the work they put out and you connect with their personality. So you clearly know you’ll get plenty of beautiful images from your wedding day. And maybe you’re not one to want to plaster prints of your gorgeous faces all over your house, so you’re thinking, how many pics do we actually need of us?

Let me stop that train of thought right there, because I feel that the engagement session is less about getting more images than it is about creating an experience and more memories. So, here’s a list I’ve made of my top 5 reasons why you will be happy you did an engagement session!


You will have a chance to see how you and your photographer work together. This will provide some comfort for you on your big day, because you’ll know what to expect. You’ll gain so much insight into what it’s like to be the subject for your photographer. And your photographer will also gain valuable info on how to best photograph you guys! For me personally, I don’t like to force poses on my couples. I like them to fall into their comfortable ways, how they look at each other, how they touch or hold hands, or how they make each other laugh. These are all things that happen naturally and there needs to be a level of comfortability for those moments to unfold in. And this kind of session is a great way to learn how that happens. I also think a lot of people experience anxiety when it comes to getting their photo taken. This is a great way to wash that anxiety away. Because it won’t be something unknown looming over your big day. Your wedding day is about celebrating your love for each other, not dreading being in front of a camera. So let’s do that!


You guys, I know YOLO was a thing, and I’m bringing it back because TRULY, whatever your beliefs are, this moment, this right now is only happening once. Our experience on this planet, the relationships we have, they’re just here for this one life. Let’s be present. Let’s make the most of it all. We will spend a couple hours having fun! Bouncing around to some of your favorite locations or doing activities that bring you joy and celebrate your relationship and love. How can that not be fun? Also, I say a lot of weird random things and it’s sure to make you giggle at some point :)


On your wedding day you’ll be looking and feeling fantastic in your stunning attire. And while that is pure perfection, it’s also nice to have some images of you and your love in clothing that reflects your personal style too! Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to wear my wedding dress everywhere, but I also love my jeans and white tee shirt with my fav boots. Because that’s the everyday me! So let’s see the extraordinary genuine style you have too!


You’re only engaged for a short amount of time, and then onto the next exciting chapter of marriage. So let’s document your relationship at this magical point. All the excitement and love you have leading up to this lifetime commitment to one another is something so important. This is a once in a lifetime session. (I think that YOLO thing applies here again:)


You guys. Sometimes life gets so insane (especially when you’re planning a wedding). During your engagement session, you will get to smooch and snuggle through out. You get to reconnect to why you’re doing all this planning for this big day! It’s because you LOVE this person soooo much! So pack your fav chapstick and let’s do this!